Star Wars party


The classic blue script at the beginning of every Star Wars movie, here on our front door to greet guests.

Six years ago in a galaxy not too far from here a young Padawan was born…

The party was organized into planets – as there are so many looks to the Star Wars universe! We joined the youngling as he trained as a Jedi night in the forests of Dagobah, sledded on Hoth, ate in the Death Star, and made droids while on Tatooine. In the end all the young Padawan guests became Jedi Knights and left with Light Sabers and a Jedi Certificate.


Planet one of party, Tatooine, a desert planet with sand, direness and rags

Our party guests arrived on the planet Tatooine, our rugged, dirty planet where birthday boy Luke grew up and met Obiwon, C3PO and R2D2. Here is where the Jedi training began. It was fun to have the kids use their 5 senses to discover what was in  a box, and then used the force to move a metal piece across a metal tray.

Next we ventured outside to visit Dagobah for Jedi training. Our birthday boy was dressed like Luke and had Yoda in his backpack. We raced through laser fields and also put on a helmet while using the force to hit our target with a light sabre.


We took a detour in Hoth and did some sledding and snow play, while a Darth Lord came with her red Light Saber to duel with our younglings.IMG_4391

Then we were off to the Death Star for some Star Wars treats.


The kitchen was decorated like the Death Star, all silver and gray with Storm trooper banners

And then back to Tatooine to make droids, (out of recycled materials), a presentation of Jedi certificates, cake at the Sarlac Pit, and Yoda goodie bags to take home.

Grateful you came, we are.


Window painted in the Death Star reminds them of the good of the universe