When birthday parties come around, watch out! Simply put; we go all out.

The themed parties started modestly. With the first birthday of my eldest we had a simple family party, sparsely decorated. Looking back on it now (the flowers on the table, the butterfly cake and pastel coloured balloons) it is known as the ‘Butterfly Birthday’. Year two, she was completely in love with all things Sesame Street. As I was wanting to give her a fun party, but short on time, we only did hits of Sesame themed decor (cake, cupcakes, party bag – I only made one – for the birthday girl!). Then when she turned three, we took the time to make it fun… and the first theme party was created.  I had so much fun making it an event. The smile on my little one’s face was more than enough thanks for the time spent preparing for it all.

Now its become a running dialogue in our house. ‘What is your party going to be this year kiddo?’ My middle child has his themes picked out for the next 5 years!