Yellow and Pink Baby Shower

One of my colleagues was expecting a girl and already had picked the name Zoe. We decided to shower her with gifts so that she and baby felt special. We organized an amazing venue; sprinkled it with pink and yellow, fun baby shower games, and lovely treats. It was a sweet shower to remember.

Dream Catcher

This pretty idea was inspired by an antique doily that I found in a thrift store... I found some fabric in my scrap bin at home and the most difficult thing was finding a hoop to fit around the doily! It came together quickly and I love the end result... I plan to gift this … Continue reading Dream Catcher

Twigs in Mud

This was an easy way to get the kids involved with the party preparations! We melted chocolate chips in the microwave and then dipped the stick pretzels in the chocolate. To dry we placed them on a cookie sheet (covered with a silicone liner, but parchment would work fine as well) and then froze them … Continue reading Twigs in Mud