Family Growth Ruler

My mom had a friend cut a piece of wood for a family measuring chart.... he had the brilliant idea to plain it and router it look like an old school ruler. I then brought it home, stained it, drilled a hole, measured and painted it to fit in our home.


Best party themed food

I really enjoy searching through Pinterest and Google to find the best party themed food ideas.  When I am occasionally creative enough to come up with ideas without relying on other's, that's when I am especially pleased when my kids are thrilled by the treat.  Home made Cinnamon Buns as Leia's Cinna-Buns


I enjoy the look of white chalk (sometimes with a hint of colour) on a black chalkboard. When I was little my favourite thing was drawing a special image on the classroom blackboard and writing P.L.O. (Please Leave On) for the janitor to leave the image there for my class to enjoy the following day. … Continue reading Chalkboards