We arrived at Grandma's house and she surprised us with a chore for the evening... we were to help her make pickles! She had received new baby cucumbers from a local hutterite colony that day and we needed to get them pickled while they were fresh. She pulled out her old recipe and got all … Continue reading Pickling


Yellow and Pink Baby Shower

One of my colleagues was expecting a girl and already had picked the name Zoe. We decided to shower her with gifts so that she and baby felt special. We organized an amazing venue; sprinkled it with pink and yellow, fun baby shower games, and lovely treats. It was a sweet shower to remember.

Dream Catcher

This pretty idea was inspired by an antique doily that I found in a thrift store... I found some fabric in my scrap bin at home and the most difficult thing was finding a hoop to fit around the doily! It came together quickly and I love the end result... I plan to gift this … Continue reading Dream Catcher