Star Wars party

Six years ago in a galaxy not too far from here a young Padawan was born... The party was organized into planets - as there are so many looks to the Star Wars universe! We joined the youngling as he trained as a Jedi night in the forests of Dagobah, sledded on Hoth, ate in … Continue reading Star Wars party



I enjoy the look of white chalk (sometimes with a hint of colour) on a black chalkboard. When I was little my favourite thing was drawing a special image on the classroom blackboard and writing P.L.O. (Please Leave On) for the janitor to leave the image there for my class to enjoy the following day. … Continue reading Chalkboards

Frozen (Elsa) party

My little one is in love with Frozen movie everything and so we had a Elsa themed party. Elsa came early to freeze the house and created a magical event; full of lacy snowflakes, window frosting, icy willow branches, snow and treats for all to enjoy.  


We arrived at Grandma's house and she surprised us with a chore for the evening... we were to help her make pickles! She had received new baby cucumbers from a local hutterite colony that day and we needed to get them pickled while they were fresh. She pulled out her old recipe and got all … Continue reading Pickling